Adidas x Parley: Will Ocean Plastic help Adidas Shoot Straight Past Nike?




Adidas x Parley Ultra Boost Uncaged

In 2016, Adidas linked up with Parley for the Oceans, which is a nonprofit organization who is dedicated to reducing ocean waste and plastic, to create the Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged ‘Parley’. This particular model was only $220 and is actually made up of almost 100% plastic recovery from the ocean, limited to 7,000 pairs that launched actually gave Adidas a very successful platform to start thinking about new ideas and innovation for future products. In June 2016 Adidas and Parley release a far more limited collaboration with the Teal un-caged boost that sent waves through our community, it was nothing short of FLAMES from the ocean

Adidas x Parley Ultra Boost



Lets talk about the end of 2016 for Nike, the brand introduced the first self-lacing shoe, Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0, to the public. In 1989 Nike produced the Nike Air Mag, which is considered Nike’s REAL first self lacing shoe. The sneaker was constructed for and made its debut in Back to The Future, a classic time travel film starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. In 2016 Nike release the Hyper Adapt sneaker and it debut had a whopping $720 retail sticker, its currently on the resale market for around $2k – $3k a pair.

Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0 ‘Grey’

Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0 ‘Black’

Now for 2017, Adidas promise is to make 1 million pairs of the Adidas x Parley collaboration for more consumers to get their hands on. This means the product could be the innovation they need to connect with buyers on a deeper level. Outside of Nike’s self lacing technology and the retail pricing they are asking for the shoe, I don’t see any real connection to the consumer to make them want to purchase the product other than it being 1 of a kind. Adidas is making a commitment to making the ocean safer and better for the wildlife along with recycling plastic to make a product consumers can attach themselves with and realize the good retail pricing on the product.


So the question remains now, will Adidas try to implement the same ocean plastic tech on other models? I believe can turn things around dramatically, plus give Adidas the push they need to be #1 in certain markets. Nike is striving to make $50 Billion in sales by 2020 and they are releasing all the big guns and OG models to do so. When I say big guns I’m talking mass production of your re-mastered OG classics to new color ways of your favorite silhouettes, along with more and more collaborations.

For my resellers, I’m sorry, I know I’m all for you building your business but these are collectibles of the Adidas Consortium. That means this will be a time to help people obtain pairs without actually hurting the pockets. I will say, Collectors still should be aware that if they cannot obtain these sneakers themselves, they will need to be ready to spend a little more than retail to get them from the secondary market. I feel that Nike needs to come up with something that they can connect their customers to other than being a Jordan for the urban market. I’m mean even for runners, Adidas has taken Boost technology to another level with comfort and stability, by far exceeding expectation and sales.


Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0 ‘Grey’

Brian Heater, a writer for , wrote an article about Bay Area engineering company Mindtribe, who tore into a pair of Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0. During the process they discovered an ARM Cortex M4, which is a mobile processor which they believe seems to be a lot of firepower for just a self-lacing shoe, implying that this could be the beginning of what Nike has up their sleeve.


Its clear that Adidas and Nike have very different paths to success, but nevertheless their is a huge rivalry in the sneaker industry between them both. Right now, A lot of people are ditching the OG classics of Nike for the new Boost technology and Yeezy hype of Adidas. So if you add the construction of the Adidas x Parley models like the Ultra Boost from Ocean plastic and I think Adidas may have what it takes.

However, they will need to do something very different will doing something different (if that makes any sense), meaning by taking advantage of this connection with customers to save the world, they will need to be creative in the designs in adding this to other models. I would love to see some Yeezy Boost or even and Adizero or City Sock model collaboration from Parley and Adidas. If they can do that, then I think they can take the hype away from the Nike brand and steamroll this thing to success in being the number 1 sneaker brand in years to come.

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