Why you Should Provide your Own Shipping, When Purchasing from an Individual



When purchasing sneakers from an individual, make sure to provide your own shipping label. This will allow you to stay on top of tracking and add any insurance to cover package in case it is lost. You have to be smart and make sure you don’t opt for the regular $50 – $100 insurance that UPS, FedEx or USPS gives you for purchasing Priority shipping. Make sure you spend the extra few dollars to cover your product in case you have problems with shipping, trust me from experience, I know!


Providing your own shipping will also give you the upper hand in making sure your packages are sent in the time the seller has agreed to, plus you won’t have to wait for the tracking from the seller and if they do not ship into specified time and default on the agreement, you have rights for a dispute!


It also gives you negotiating power over the price, because most sellers add shipping into their price as a lump fee, this will enable you to save a little bit of money on your pockets if the seller is willing to drop that fee off. It also could come out cheaper than you were going to pay for the fee!


It’s always good to setup your own accounts with UPS,USPS and FedEx. That way you can compare prices and see which is cheaper for this certain shipment you are looking to do, not to mention faster timeframe of delivery. Always keep the upper hand to negotiate shipping with an individual, I believe that if that person is really shipping your product, it should not matter. This is based off of my personal opinion of a seller is getting paid for the product, so who provides the shipping should not matter.

Protect your 💰 

Be Smart

Always Buy 🔥

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