Want To Join The KITH Flamingos FC ? Here's How !


The KITH Cobras are not the only football club KITH are apart of. Way before the KITH Cobras (NYC) originated, the KITH Flamingos (Miami) were around. They are looking to scout 2 players, here’s how you’d be granted the opportunity to join the KITH Flamingos:

“This Sunday, @florencia.galarza and the Kith Flamingos will hold tryouts to select 2 players to join the squad. The 2 players selected will receive a Flamingos kit and 3 pairs of shoes (street, turf, and cleats). The tryout is for men and women, and will be limited to 30 players that will be selected via Instagram. We are looking for skilled players with a playing background who live in Miami. To enter, follow us and send us a DM that says “Flamingo Prospect” so we know to check out your page. Also make sure your account is public. If you are chosen to participate in the tryout we will respond to the DM. The tryout will be held at the soccer stadium at Flamingo Park in Miami Beach from 7-9PM ⚽️”

Sounds interesting right ? If you are a male or female football player that live’s in the area, make sure you attend the event just for the experience, I can guarantee it will be great !

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