Do 13 and 14 Make Up The Must Have Jordan Pack of the Year?


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History and Future

The Defining Moments Pack or DMP will be reappearing in June of this year. The last DMP pack that we have seen is the pack that featured a Jordan 11 and a Jordan 6.

The theme colors of the pack was white, gold, and black. It seems that Jordan brand will be making another pack with the same color scheme and concept, except on a Jordan 13 and Jordan 14.

The pack, as the name implies highlights Jordan’s “defining moments”. This particular pack celebrates the 20th anniversary of Jordan’s 6th and final championship win.

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Image result for jordan dmp 13

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The Box

From the looks of pictures that have surfaced online, the pack comes in a large black box. On the exterior of the box a drawing in gold appears. The drawing is of the iconic “Last Shot” play, that was drawn up by Phil Jackson.

On the side of the box in big bold letters is 1998, which was the year of the championship being commemorated. The shoes will sit side by side in white wrapping paper. On the inside of the box is written:

“This Air Jordan Defining Moments Pack celebrates Michael Jordan’s final championship. Both the Air Jordan 13 and Air Jordan 14 were worn by MJ in the final championship series where he cemented his legacy as the Greatest of All Time.”

Below the shoes are Jordan’s stats for the whole championship series game by game.

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Image result for jordan dmp 13

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The Shoes

The Air Jordan 13s feature a predominantly white and gold colorway. The quilted leather upper is all white, while the mudguard, midsole and collar section are dressed in gold. The bottom of the sole and the Jordan logo have hits of red.

The most interesting part of the 13 is the hologram logo. Instead of the traditional 23 hologram logo, these have the number 98. Another interesting detail is inside of the tongue of the shoe. Inside the tongue reads “ They can’t win until we quit”.

The Jordan 14s have a contrasting black leather upper with hits of gold that really stand out. The special detail added to this shoe finds itself on the back. Replacing the typical 23 branding on the back, we see the number 98 once again.

The quality on both the 13 and 14 seems exceptional. The leather on both of the shoes seems to be very soft, not like the cheap plastic leather you occasionally see. The Jordan 13 especially has a very soft quilted leather on it.

How Can I Get These?

Rumors say that the whole pack will be releasing in June of this year. Chances are they will release close to the NBA finals which starts on the first of June and ends on the 18th. The price is supposedly $250 for each shoe, so chances are the pack will run you about $500. Stay tuned to for the latest sneaker news.

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