Sneaker Miyagi's short guide on How to Find a Legit Sneaker Plug


Soooo.. this is the question I get asked a lot and one of the # 1 problem that Collectors and Sellers face in the sneaker industry. So I have a few quick answers that may help you out on your journey of Sneaker Conquer!


Always find a brand or individual with reviews and customer satisfaction post! Normally a brand who cares about customer reviews will have a separate IG page you can go to and check out. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a few of the customers and ask questions, they could give you the information you need to make a better decision!


If you need help on some Legit sellers follow me HERE , I will give you guys the inside info on who is legit and who is not!


Make sure you are dealing with someone who can provide you receipts for purchase, a lot of preorder brands wont do this but still, try to negotiate that in the agreement. Keep records of the agreement or any records of contact you any had just in case. You want to make sure that the individual or brand is dealing directly with a retail affiliate and not going through another plug themselves. You may find your product going through 2 or 3 liabilities before it even reaches your hands if you are not careful, that increases risk of fraud and missing product.

This mean not only your plug has a plug, but their plug has one also. So depending on how product is shipped it has to move from the store to the plugs plug, to the plug, to you, increasing shipping delays and liability. So think about it like this, most plugs uses the customers money 💰 to purchase the product. Let’s say the plugs plug has a problem with shipment or can’t come up with product and messes up the money, that will trickle down the line and effect your business with the plug creating delays in refunds or or product until it’s resolved


Always look for the plug to have Protected ways of purchasing, if they care about you as a customer then they will use protected sources of payment. Shopify websites are a protected way to pay so if your plug has a site and uses Shopify then you are good to go! Any plug asking you to use payment services like Western Union, Moneygram or Venmo, then you will have NO PURCHASE PROTECTION and you are most likely to receive fake product or no product at all. You also have to consider that there is no dispute process to be filed with these services so you will take a huge loss.

The WeChat app is a definite signal that you could be dealing with someone that’s out of the country like China or a worker at one of these TAOBAO replica factories and when they are combining all 3 services on their profile for sneaker buyers, it’s a recipe of disaster for your pockets.


There are many and I mean MANY people out on social media that claim to be plugs, your job is to make sure you research enough that you know you are protected when doing business with them. Take the extra time to do your due diligence before spending your hard earned cash, this can be the difference in knowing that you have found a successful source or a dud.

The Short Guide on How to Find a Legit Sneaker Plug, feel free to ask more questions below 👇🏾

Let me know if there are other topics you would like some extensive information on!!



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