It’s another week of Smart Buy Sunday. If you are new to SBS, we cover all the hot sneakers that will release this current week. We then break them down to determine if it’s a Smart Buy for you. This is determined for the collector and seller!

This week we will be covering the hottest releases from May 22 – May 29 so here we go!


Release Date: May 22, 2017

Recommended Retail Price: $160

Approx. Resale Value: $225 Max

Reason: Judging by past Nike More Uptempo releases in most markets, they do not sit on shelves. Especially when you are dealing with a special colorway like the Bordeaux color way that will launch. Resale value will be max $225 which still make these a great priced model among other Nike drops that cost the same at retail pricing!

As of now on StockX, the highest asking price is $300 for a pair. TBH I think they will not see that value after release. Making them a great pickup for anyone because they might move quicker than you think so don’t sleep 😴. BTW we a giving away a free pair of these on our Instagram account. You have one more day to enter so head there now and follow instructions!


Release Date: May 26, 2017

Recommended Retail Price: $150

Approx. Resale Value: $150

Reason: This model and colorway is one of the best ones to date! The multicolored swoosh and multi tone upper brings this model  to life. Being that it’s an anniversary edition, it’s still said to say that these may not sell out. The $150 price tag for some folks is too much for a KD model. If you look at what you have and the fresh colorway, $150 is a steal.

People will sleep on these until they see hem on feet and it will really take off. Smart Buy for you because after release you can wait them out a little and maybe grab them at a discount. Some stores may even have them on discount immediately online. On the other hand, Footlocker locations are labeling as limited so the could move off the shelves quicker than we expect. If that’s the cause $150 price point is still a steal!!





Release Date: May 27, 2017 Global Release

Recommended Retail: $150

Approx. Resale Value: $220


Release Date: May 27, 2017 Global Release

Recommended Retail: $180

Approx. Resale Value: $275

Reason: Sold individually, this pack is still one of the most sought after Adidas collabs this year! After an exclusive drop by Overkill, these become the hot ticket item to grab once released globally. For the ADV model, asking value on StockX revealed a steal at $220. So even if you miss out on the global, you still can pick up for a great price. As for the Future model, resale is a little higher sitting at $300 on StockX. We assume after release the value will drop a little to $275.

Beimg that these will sell out quick the resale is still a pretty good buy. As for the future model a reseller can flip quick and still make some money 💰 to put back into your pocket. Our suggestion is to not be greedy, but offer a competitive price to outbid the competition. You will sell fast and add some interest to the money invested!


These are the Smart Buys for this upcoming week.

Do you agree?

Are there any you consider we missed out for this week?

If so let us know down below in the comments and also let us know if you are going to try and pick any of the up this weekend !

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