Smart Buy Sunday #2


It’s Smart Buy Sunday once again, where you learn what’s worth picking up this week and why. This week we will be covering releases from the 14th of May to the 21st of May. This week we have a lot of crazy sneakers coming from Adidas so without further ado, let’s get into it!

KITH X Adidas ACE 16+ Pure Control Ultra Boost  “Vapour Pink”

Release Date: 19th of May, 2017.

Recommended Retail Price: $N/A

Approximate Resell Value: $650+

Reason: This sneaker is one of the biggest releases of 2017 and every Boost/KITH fan is going crazy over them. It’s rumoured that only 500 will be released which makes it even more crazier as the hype has multiplied itself because of that reason. If you have the opportunity to purchase this sneaker don’t even think about it, get them. The ACE 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost is a sneaker that has always had a great resell value despite the colour way, having Ronnie Fieg’s brand on them will make the resell price even greater. Currently on StockX we can see pairs listed for $1,050-$2,500 which of course is normal prior to the release of a sneaker like this. Once all pairs are released and the hype slows down we suspect them to be in the margin of $650-$1000. Don’t pass on these if you have the chance to purchase them.

KITH X Adidas Copa 17.1 Ultra Boost “Cobra”

Release Date: 19th of May, 2017.

Recommended Retail Price: $N/A

Approximate Resell Value: $800+

Reason: Here is another Adidas X KITH collaboration. This one has not been widely spoken about which either means there are extremely limited quantities or the mass majority are not interested in them. My guess is that they are extremely limited, even more so than the Pure Controls. On StockX we can see them reselling for $1700-$2300 which is a more stable margin than the Pure Control’s. These will also be released the 19th of May in what we suspect to be extremely limited quantities. Don’t pass up on these because they will most likely be more valuable (in the long run) than the Pure Controls having a resell margin of $800-$1200.

Overkill X Adidas EQT Support 93/17 Boost

Release Date: 20th of May, 2017

Recommended Retail Price: $180

Approximate Resell Value: $320+

Reason: For those that might be confused, this sneaker is originally set to release the 27th of May but there will be a pre-release on the 20th of May so stay tuned for that on OVERKILL’s website and their store if you are in the area. The Adidas EQT Support 93/17 Boost is a sneaker that is growing immensely across the sneaker community and some major influencers consider them the best Boost sneakers so far due to the mass of boost that the midsole contains. The OG black 93/17’s have an average resell value of $262, the OG white 93/17’s have an average value of $250, and the black milled leather 93/17’s have an average resell value of $256, all according to StockX. This collaboration not only attracts the Overkill fans, it attracts the mass majority as the design is very modern and they contain very trendy combination of colours including the red details which everyone is going crazy over. Overkill is an iconic store here in Europe, especially in Germany. Once the hype has settled we suspect these to have a minimum resell value of $320. Don’t pass on these !

NIKE Air Max 97 “Metallic Gold”

Release Date: 18th of May, 2017.

Recommend Retail Price: $160

Approximate Resale Value: $230

Reason: The Metallic Golds are a great pickup and will sellout fast, especially in Europe. The 97’s this year celebrate the 20th year since their original release which has been a key factor this year for NIKE as they have released the Silver Bullets and now the Metallic Golds. We consider them a Smart Buy because due to the hype they will maintain a good resell value. Luckily for you even if you miss out on the first drop of this color way, there will be plenty other shots to grab them at a great price as they will most likely re-stock some time this year.

These are the Smart Buys for this upcoming week. Do you agree? Are there any you consider we missed out for this week? If so let us know down below in the comments and also let us know if you are going to try and pick any of the up this weekend !

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