PUMA X The Weeknd COLLABORATION Announced!


Abel Makkonen Tesfaye also knows as The Weeknd recently uploaded a image to his personal Instagram illustrating the outsole of what we all knew was coming, his own collaboration with PUMA.

I talked about how beneficial Abel has been to PUMA when it comes to sales in the IGNITE series since the gave him the title of global embassador, I also said that PUMA is the next big thing and this just proves my point, it’s just the beginning! If you want to check that article out, click here!

Abel teamed up with H&M and released a successful clothing collection with the XO label on them, now it’s time for him to release products with one of the best footwear brands out there, PUMA.

Stay tuned for more news and images regarding this upcoming collaboration and let us know in the comments if you’re excited for it!

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