PUMA: The Next Big Thing


For those that don’t know; PUMA is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories.

Over here at Sneaker Miyagi we are constantly analysing the industry and I have detected that PUMA is growing significantly in the sneaker community. PUMA is the next big thing.

What do you know about PUMA?

PUMA was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, brother of Adi Dassler (founder of Adidas).

In 1942, the brothers launched a company that went by the name of Gebrüder Dassler, but after many disputes and disagreements they agreed to separate and form their own companies individually. Adi Dassler founded Adidas and Rudolf Dassler founded Ruda.

You might be thinking: “why did the just say Ruda?”. Well, originally the company Rudolf Dassler founded went by the name of Ruda but later he decided to change the name of the company to PUMA.

In the athletic world PUMA has made a huge impact and has sponsored some of the legends of many sports, such as the following: Pele, Johan Cryuff, Diego Maradona, Michael Schumacher, Clyde Fraizer… They are just to name a few of the many legends PUMA has sponsored.

Currently, PUMA sponsor some of the most popular athletes, such as the following: Usain Bolt, Marco Reus, Antoine Griezman… And many more athletes that are making a huge impact in their sport.

FUN FACT: The iconic logo didn’t originate when the company did and arrived almost twenty years later in 1967. Can you image PUMA without their iconic logo? No? Me neither.

Why do I think PUMA is the next BIG thing?

In the sneaker community PUMA is growing by the day because of the following reasons:

  • They have classic and affordable sneakers.
  • They are endorsing very successful celebrities.
  • They are collaborating with major brands/names.
  • They are analysing the sneaker community with very deep market research.

They are the reasons why PUMA is going to be the next BIG brand to make an impact inside the sneaker community for the sneaker heads. Will PUMA make an impact as big as the one it’s brother Adidas made in 2013 when the Pure Boosts were launched? Who knows.

There is something we must differentiate here and that’s the fact that PUMA is already a big brand, but it’s not a big brand in the sneaker community like Adidas, Jordan Brand and Nike. Their sneakers are not sought after yet like other competitors but that is changing and I have facts to prove it.

Previously I mentioned the reasons why PUMA is going to be the next big thing, now let’s dig into those a bit deeper:


There are many sneakers I could talk about from PUMA, but there are mainly three that I want to talk about as they are the ones I consider the most significant and they’re the ones that are going to make the biggest impact on the sneaker community. Let’s get into it!

PUMA Suede Classic

I can guarantee that no sneaker head or non-sneaker head has not seen a pair of these sneakers in their lifetime. They are classics, they are on the same level as Adidas Superstars and Nike Air Force 1’s.

Who had a pair of these with the fat laces? If you did then please raise your hand right now and let us know in the comments.

Everyday I’m seeing more of these, not just on regular people, but also on sneaker heads feet that have love for classics and are recognizing that they’re are fire.

Another key factor to the success of these sneakers is the value for money; these currently retail for $65.00 in the US on PUMA.com. For $65.00 you are getting good quality, amazing history and a sneaker that will never go out of fashion.

PUMA Disc Blaze

Every athletic sports company has their own technology and inventions that they introduce into their sneakers and in PUMA’s case it’s the disc technology. For those that don’t know the PUMA disc technology was the first non-lacing system to be introduced into any sneaker, it was originally created for athletes as it offered a lot of support and was easy to get on and off. If there are any cyclists out there, this is same technology that is used on some cycling shoes. It offers an insane amount of lockdown, which is ideal for athletes, especially runners.

In 2012 PUMA teamed up with the legend himself, Ronnie Fieg, and they produced the PUMA Disc Blaze OG “Cove” X Ronnie Fieg (they’re the sneakers in the picture above). Ever since that collaboration the PUMA Disc Blaze has been very popular, and they have teamed up with the following brands/companies to produce more Disc Blaze’s: Bape, SneakerFreaker, Ronnie Fieg (3 more), Atmos, Trapstar, Titolo and Monkey Time.

These sneakers are arguably the future of PUMA!

They currently retail for $120.00-$135.00 depending on if they are a collaboration or not.

If you are looking for a pair of these there are multiple pairs on ENDclothing.com ! Don’t sleep on these.


Currently the whole IGNITE series is becoming extremely popular thanks to the celebrities they have endorsed; we shall discuss that later in the article.

Out of all the IGNITE trainers, the EvoKNIT’s and the Limitless HI-Tech’s are dominating but over here in the UK the EvoKNIT’s are dominating more than the Limitless HI-Tech’s.

The very stylish EvoKNIT’s feature a knit material upper that they name EvoKNIT, just like how Adidas name theirs PrimeKnit and Nike name theirs FlyKnit.

They currently retail for $130.00 on PUMA.com.

You can wear these sneakers to the gym, to go running outdoors or you could even wear them casually as they are very stylish.

A lot of people are wearing these over this side of the pond and honestly they look amazing on feet, very comfortable also.


Celebrities are those that set new trends and are followed by the community; if a lot of major celebrities are wearing PUMA products then the community will follow and they’ll start buying more and more PUMA products. Look what happened when Kanye West started wearing the Pure Boosts and Ultra Boosts, now look where Adidas is.

Over the last year and a half PUMA has been endorsing celebrities that are taking their industry by storm, such as: Rae Sremmurd, Cara Delevingne, Meek Mill, Deadmou5… And many more, four of which I’m going to talk about below.

Big Sean

Big Sean, the man that is currently worth $12 million! Big Sean recently signed his deal with PUMA and is a global ambassador and creative collaborator. The PUMA X Big Sean collection is expected to drop in Spring of 2018. Big Sean was endorsed by Adidas and released three sneakers with them, one of which currently has a resell value of $837.00-$1023.00 according to StockX.

Big Sean is a member of G.O.O.D Music which has caused some controversy as it’s ran by Kanye West, key member of Adidas.

Big Sean seems to be extremely happy with PUMA and is excited to see what the future brings. It was a power move by PUMA and it will definitely pay off.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty is the biggest celebrity that PUMA currently endorses, she is currently worth $230 million. Rihanna has already released a collection with PUMA that has been a major success across the world, even her sliders were a success. With Rihanna being on of the biggest female artists out there alongside Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, it’s great for PUMA that she’s part of the team.

Rihanna is a big influence and she’s has the female sneaker heads going crazy over her sneakers, even the men are trying to get their hands on the sliders and the creepers.

This has been PUMA’s wisest and most beneficial endorsement so far.

The Weeknd


The Weeknd, the man that is currently worth $55 million! With all his success and his fame at this moment in time, it was a very wise move by PUMA to endorse him. The Weeknd is currently a global ambassador and creative collaborator for PUMA. Since PUMA signed the deal with The Weeknd, their sales in men’s sneakers have risen, mainly in the IGNITE series.

His latest album, “Starboy”, was the third-largest album debut of 2016, behind Drake’s “Views” and Beyonce’s “Lemonade”. The Weeknd is one of the largest pop stars out there right now and is considered the King of Sexy Pop according to some.

Kylie Jenner 

You’re probably thinking: “oh here we go again, another Kardashian” but, do you realize how influential they are? According to HighSnobiety, Kylie Jenner is currently the second richest sister after Kim Kardashian West.

Here is a bit of controversy once again! Kylie Jenner has signed a million-dollar deal with PUMA, but why didn’t she go with Adidas since her brother-in-law is a major member in Adidas? Kanye West wasn’t happy about the decision his sister-in-law made but he had to accept it.

Kylie Jenner makes most of her money of e-commerce which is ideal for PUMA as it means their product will constantly be all over her social media, some call her the Queen of Snapchat as her account is the most viewed in the world.


When it comes to collaborations PUMA is well known, they have teamed up with brands/names such as: Sneaker Freaker, Titolo, Ronnie Fieg, Coogi, Staples, Trapstart, Atmos… And many more big brands/names.

As us sneaker heads know; collaborations send the community into to hype mode and the hypebeasts and resellers rise in order to get their hands on them for personal or reselling purposes.

As I stated above, PUMA has done many collaborations but there are three that I want to talk about as I consider them amazing and they’re my favourite PUMA collaborations so far. Let’s get into it!

Ronnie Fieg


Ronnie Fieg is my role model in the sneaker industry, in my opinion there will never be any brand/person that will every top Ronnie Fieg’s collaborations. The sneaker you see in the picture above is the PUMA R698 Low from the “Sakura” pack released in 2015. They represent the cherry blossom; starting out as white then transforming into a faint pink, before turning into deep cherry red. Some say that watching the cherry blossom in Tokyo is one of the most beautiful things to ever see, the tree only blooms for approximately 7-10 days, in those 7-10 days people admire the tree, just like I admire the sneakers.

Ronnie Fieg currently has 4 collaborations with PUMA and there are rumours that there a more to come. All 4 of his collaborations with PUMA have been a sell out and are reselling for over the retail price.


Who remembers the chaos this collaboration caused for online stores and local stores? The queues over here in London were crazy to get their hands on this collaboration; not just the Disc Blaze’s, but also all the clothing and accessories that were released.

BAPE is one of most well-known streetwear brands out there and is currently the most sought after alongside Supreme and Off-White.

The model you see in the picture above is not just a model, he is Paul Pogba. Ring a bell? Well if you don’t know who he is; he’s a soccer player that currently plays for Manchester United and has a net worth of approximately $250 million.

This collaboration is insane and brought a lot of attention to PUMA.

Hopefully we’ll see another PUMA X BAPE collaboration in the near future.



This is the most recent PUMA collaboration so I thought why not discuss it with my fellow readers. Coogi is an Australian lifestyle brand that has founded in 1969, it’s famous for its kaleidoscopic-patterned knitwear. Do the sneakers above remind you of anything? Christopher Wallace’s AKA Notorious BIG’s sweater perhaps? Well if it did then you are 100% correct! Coogi and PUMA teamed to celebrate the 20th anniversary since Christopher’s passing, and what else better to do then introduce his legendary kaleidoscopic-patterned sweater onto a pair of sneakers. This limited collaboration was a success and they’re currently reselling for approximately $450 on StockX.

These are the type of collaborations that brings PUMA to the light! They just caught the attention of rap fans and sneaker heads with these.


This is the biggest thing for any brand to make a huge impact on the sneaker community. Currently the best brand at doing this is Adidas as they listen to what the community wants and the provide exactly that, a perfect example would be when the community asked for uncaged Ultra Boosts, what did we get? Uncaged Ultra Boosts. PUMA, Adidas’ brother is also very good at analysing the sneaker community; the community has been asking for more Rihanna collaborations and that’s what they’re currently getting with the recently released “bow” sneakers, that’s not all, as soon as Big Sean signed the deal with PUMA, the community was all over PUMA to get a collection released ASAP, since then PUMA has confirmed a collection and has even showed us some of the clothing pieces included in it.

Analysing the sneaker community and meeting the needs of sneaker heads should be the main focus of any brand as they’re the ones that create the hype and demand for their sneakers. PUMA is currently doing a very good job at it.


PUMA is doing everything right and is going down the right path to becoming the next big brand in the sneaker community. I have provided reason and facts that back up why I think this way but what are your thoughts? Is PUMA the next big thing? Let me know in the comment section if you agree or disagree!

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