Possible OVO X Jordan Brand Collaboration ? Expect The Unexpected


It feels like it’s been awhile since we last heard rumours of an upcoming OVO X Jordan Brand collaboration, but today, those days are over. A few hours ago @champagnepapi (Drake) uploaded some pictures from a show he held recently, in those images you can see he has a pair of Jordan Trunner LX‘s on. These Jordan Trunner LX’s are all white with gold detailing across the sneaker, this colour way has never been seen before and matches the OVO colour scheme which confirms they are either a PE or an upcoming release.

My guess is that they are an upcoming release, a very interesting one at that. The Jordan Trunner LX is a sneaker that has been bombarded by critics and members of the community, now they will feature Drake’s name on them and the OVO Owl. Will they sell out? Of course they will just like any other OVO X Jordan Brand sneaker. Jordan Brand knows how to feed the hype beasts, this sneaker will prove a point in the sneaker community: No matter how ugly or hated a sneaker is, if you put a big name on them they will always sell out.

Stay tuned for confirmed news regarding this possible upcoming collaboration between OVO and Jordan Brand.

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