Over 50,000 Sneakers Have Been 'UNBOXED" by This 1 App


Let me explain the Unboxed App, its a Virtual Closet on your phone, for businesses this could be a game changer in tracking inventory also. While giving this industry what it needs, we caught up with the creator Michael Ogden to talk about the success of the app. Based out of Virginia, Michael had a long love for collecting sneakers and had a mindset to actually be in the industry, he also gave us the history and how he saw the need to bring this app to life!

Tell me whats the first sneaker that got you into being a sneaker collector?

Michael:  I think it was the Barry Sanders Zoom Turf “Black/Silver”. They were definitely the ones that set me off. I was working at Finishline at that time and I was like WOOWWWW when they dropped. I have to say those were the ones that got me into it back in the day! The funny thing is 2 or 3 days after I bought them, I sold them for $500 and bought another pair

 So I see nothing but great reception for the new app. Personally I think it’s only going to get better for you. So what exactly was the purpose behind you creating Unboxed? 

Michael: Ok, the thing with me that was going on is as you know, I have a sizable amount of sneakers. I’m always trying to rotate them , so most of the time I forget what I even have. One day, I go to throw on a pair of kicks and I’m like “I forgot I even had these”. I thought to myself, I have to find a way to track these. So I end up setting up an excel spreadsheet with tags for the names and sizes of the shoe.Then it became tedious for me to come home and log the sheet and update.

So I thought “What if I had this at my fingertips on my phone?” So I thought about creating an app but first I knew that technology is evolving and people want everything at their fingertips. So I thought what if there was a way that I can pull all this info over when you scan the barcode of the shoe? So at that time I was like “Ok, I got this idea, let’s try to do something and see where it goes from here.”

That’s pretty dope man, I really think things are only going uphill for you! 

Michael: I hope so man that’s the plan to keep building

So how many downloads you have so far?

Michael: Right now, we are sitting at 1500 downloads. I have a goal set for about 1000 a month, so I actually hit 1000 in less than 27 days! I really appreciate all the support that I have received from the sneakerheads in our community.

Congratulations man, I know you are really excited about that! What are some of the strategies you use to make sure your plan is on track to success?

Michael: I think the most important strategy I have is surrounding myself with people who believe in me and also who believe in the app itself. People who have been able to fill that gap in between that helps others recognize the app. Sites like you guys, Sneaker Miyagi who has shouted out the app on your social media are all who makes this journey special. People are constantly reaching out to me to find out more about the app and it’s just been a blessing man.

I believe that it’s the personal touch and relationships I have with a lot of people that really brings this app to life! The easy part is to have the app built, the hard part is getting people to download, use and share.

It’s all about showing who you are, catering to the people through your service to let them know “Hey, its not all about me”. I want to give you guys something that’s going to benefit you!

So this brings me to my next question. What is the biggest sacrifice you have made so far, to ensure you are successful with this app?

Michael: That’s a good one, hmm, my personal time! I’m a married man and I have a family so at the end of the day I make sure I have my family time. Once the family time is through, the rest of my personal time is gone ha-ha. I’m up till like 2-3 am while getting up at 6:30 am all so that I can put in the time to make this thing grow. My personal life consisted of me really going to the gym and doing things with family because I’m not really a T.V type of person. So that in itself has taken a hit due to the hours I spend on getting this app from where it is now to where it’s going to be!

So who has been the biggest influencer on you, to download this app so far?

Michael: Hmm, that’s a hard one because to be 100% honest with you outside of the people I’ve personally seen, I don’t know who has downloaded the app. Now I know of people like PRSneaks and Lizzieshoegame, who has downloaded the app when I was at Sneakercon in Ft Lauderdale. Otherwise, people still come to me and say “Thank you for creating this app” and I keep getting surprised all the time. As far as people I look up to or have influenced me, I really don’t know who has downloaded the app ha-ha.

Well you never know who is watching you, which is a good thing! Now my last question, for those who are inspiring to do what you do or build their own app, what is the most positive piece of advice you can give them?

Michael: Wow, ok I will say a couple of things. Make sure you do you research and home work, especially on the niche of your idea that you are trying to create an app around. What you don’t want to do is put out something that’s already has a saturated market. It will be very hard to crack especially if you have multiple competitors out there that are doing what you are doing. Make sure what you are doing or selling its very different from the others.

So make sure whatever you putting out there, there is a need for it and its not oversaturated. If you have to find a company to build you app, make sure they fully understand what you are trying to do. Also make sure they are just as passionate about you beliefs and what you are trying to pitch as you are. That is very important when they are building your app, that’s the difference between someone being mediocre and top notch.

You can download the Unboxed App now in the App Store available for IPhone only
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