NikeSlayer: Building The #1 Bot in the Sneaker Industry



There are only two types of people when it comes to copping sneakers online, the sneakerheads with BOTS and the sneakerheads who try to cop manually. Being bot users ourselves, we know that there is only one top dog when it comes to footsites like Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay and Champs. This is who we call the NIKESLAYER!

NikeSlayer came to fruition at the end of 2014. Over the last three years, the brand has expanded to meet the demands of its users to include SoleSlayer and SupremeSlayer. The company behind NikeSlayer is CodeSlayer LTD, run by Managing Director and developer Nathan Barnard.

Recently, we caught up with Nathan and asked him about the plans he has to continue to conquer the market. As the sneaker industry is constantly evolving, he gives us a heads up on how he plans to stay ahead of the sneaker bot competition.

SM: Tell us more about how you got started with the NikeSlayer brand.

Nathan: I have always been heavily interested in coding and saw that there was a niche in the market for high-performing sneaker bots. Early bots were based on browser-based extensions, but as it became more popular, standalone bots were required and it quickly developed into what we are today. NikeSlayer was the original bot and the brand has progressed over the years due to the demand for Supreme and footsite bots.

SM: From the beginning of this NikeSlayer era until now, how do you think the industry has evolved as far as the need for bots?

Nathan: I feel that bots are an essential piece of software to own in order to cop those hyped and limited edition sneakers or Supreme items. Now with a predominantly online market and the supply far outweighing the demand, bots are becoming a necessity.

Our customers are busy people and bots allow them to purchase the items they want. What started as customers purchasing sneakers solely for themselves has now transformed into a huge reselling market, with some people running their businesses off the backs of software like ours.

SM: With there being a thin line between Love and Hate for sneaker bots these days, what strategies did you have to implement to make sure that the Slayer brand stood strong among your consumers, customers and competitors?

Nathan: We have always strived to provide excellent customer support and our website is crisp, clean and easy to use. I have always been a perfectionist – the bots have to be aesthetically pleasing and practical – it all adds to the user experience. Some people tend to have a bad feeling towards bots, but bots are becoming more and more of a necessity. To address this, we have a broad range of price plans to suit all budgets, even those who are still on the fence.

Being labeled as the #1 sneaker bot in performance for years now, what drives you to be the top innovator to sustain this type of longevity?What drives me is the positive feedback we receive from our customers; we are continually striving to keep being the best and always looking for things to improve on. We are passionate about software development and work hard to ensure our customers are getting what they want from our bots.

SM: Where do you see this sneaker industry going in the next 2 – 3 years?

Nathan: In the context of bots, we do have our work cut out for us. The advanced protection and anti-bot methods incorporated by websites are continually evolving, which means our bots also have to continually evolve around them. The sneaker industry is only getting bigger and better, new collaborations and the influence of social media means that our customers are always going to be hyped for a release and demanding high-performing sneaker and clothing bots.

SM: How are you prepared to deal with these advances?

Nathan: Preparation is key for this expanding industry. We keep our ear to the ground and stay in touch with the high-profile users of our bots, as well as communicating with our customers who use the bot on a personal level. I am always expanding my knowledge of the field and improving my skills as a developer; being prepared means keeping the tools of our trade sharp.

SM: If you can slide us some info, what’s next for NikeSlayer in terms of staying on top of this industry?

 Nathan: We have both short term and long term goals within the NikeSlayer brand. We have just taken on our second full time employee, Celeste, who manages the content and communications side of things. We will be heading to Sneaker Con in London at the end of May and are really excited for it to be hosted in the UK for the first time. We are continually improving the user experience and one of our long-term goals includes covering more stores and opening the community forums.

We talked about bots are getting more and more frequent in today’s sneaker market. The thing is, even though the bots are being purchased, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to use the effectively. Everything comes down to the bot itself, the proxies and servers that you have. Take a look at our 3 Step Guide To Making Sure you Cook with your Sneaker Bot, you might find some helpful and valuable information there.

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