New PUMA X COOGI Collection + Restock !


Are you a big fan of COOGI and didn’t have the opportunity to purchase the first collection when it released earlier on this year? Well don’t worry because the 20th of May the “all COOGI” Puma Clyde’s will be re-stocking. The RRP will be $200 and you will be able to purchase them via

If you’re not feeling these don’t worry because there is another pair releasing the 25th of May along with apparel such COOGI X Puma tees and a track jacket. This pairs recommended retail price is set at $200. This pair is very much alike the first pair that release in the first collection COOGI and Puma released, the main difference is the material used on the upper of the sneaker. They will be available on the 25th of May.

COOGI takes everyone back to the 90’s, even those that weren’t even around in the 90’s to clearly witness the fashion back then. The King of COOGI a.k.a Biggie Smalls‘ most iconic photograph contains a COOGI patterned sweatshirt. What makes these sneakers even more special is the fact that not one pair is the same as another one, the pattern changes on every single pair produced which offers a sense of uniqueness to the pair you purchase. If you want to check out a video on this upcoming pair you can check out Qias Omar‘s latest unboxing on QrewTV as he received a very special package from Puma including the second collection with an extra special item you won’t want to miss out on, here is the link to the exact moment of the video, click here.

Will you be picking up the restock on the 20th of May or the new release on the 25th of May? Let us know down below in the comments!

COOGI X Puma Collection #2 (25th of May)

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