Guess What? PayPal isn't the Only Way to Protect Yourself When Buying Sneakers


Other than PayPal what do you use to feel protected when buying sneakers?
I’ve personally used Google Wallet over PayPal, while a lot of people say Google Wallet is not protected, I beg to differ from experience.

The reason GW is would not protect a lot of people who purchase through their service is because they have no idea about the terms of agreement of that purchase. If you file a dispute they will simply be going off your word which is simply not enough. I have use GW to get back THOUSANDS of dollars after sneaker deals go wrong and I was protected EVERY TIME. It’s as simple and putting the terms of the agreement in the memo box when you send money

Here is an example detailed agreement:

” By accepting this payment, you agree to ship Air Jordan 11 ‘ Miyagi ‘ sizes 10, 11, and 12 no later than December 31, 2099 with retail receipts or copy of retail receipt. If you default on this agreement you will refund buyer no later than 2 business days from ship date or a Google Wallet Chargeback will be filed”

By adding specific ‘Terms of Agreement” to the memo when you send money you are detailing precisely what you are purchasing, when seller agrees to ship and what they can expect if they default on the agreement. You can add details like tracking and insurance if you want to go further in depth, I recommend to cover as much detail as possible about your transaction, better safe than sorry. Google Wallet will normally uphold the agreement and refund any funds if you have problems along with shutting the seller down and investigating!

I hope this helps someone who has always wondered about GW and if it protects them!

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