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One might ask what is a “Sneakerhead”? As defined by the urban dictionary, a sneakerhead would be a person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of Jordans or Adidas or anything hypebeast. Below I will show you not only how to become a sneakerhead if you are not already, but How To Become A Sneakerhead On A Budget.

A sneakerhead would be a person with the background knowledge of certain sneakers. Before moving on with the term “Sneakerhead” being defined would you consider yourself to be one? As we explore the term “Sneakerhead” we will cover a lot of ground to get you caught up and moved on into becoming one on a budget.

The term “Sneakerhead” started back in 2002 when NIKE launched the NIKE SB. After Nike had previously failed to go after the skateboard world twice before hand, they finally got it right in 2002.

When we take a look at name brand sneakers like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and many more we think of being catered to from these brands. With being catered to comes a price to pay as well.

Looking back in the mid to late 90’s sneakers began to see a price increase little by little. Let’s blame this partially on inflation as its defined “A continuing rise in the general price level usually attributed to an increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods and services.”

Easy way of saying money today isn’t worth what it was 10-20 years ago. For example let’s look at everyone’s favorite Jordan model, which I think is the Air Jordan 1. The Air Jordan 1 released in 1985 and retailed for $65, today the model retails for on average $160 today.

We won’t bother to get into resale that topic we’ll save for another article. The shoes that released 32 years ago has now jumped $95 in retail. Which when you think about it over 32 years really isn’t that much. As said before lets credit inflation.



Lets look at the NIKE brand and there inflation over the years. Nike has grown in profit as well as grown in team building by adding so many athletes, influencers , and musicians to the brand.

With adding all that talent you have to pay these star athletes and musicians top dollar to get your brand out there in mainstream media. LeBron James first rookie contract with the brand Nike in 2003 was worth more than $90 Million, back in 1984 Michael Jordan’s rookie contract was $2.5 million with royalties.

Whats next well that’s where we head into the subject matter at hand. Athletes and brands creating shoes for them, in 2003 Nike used all the technology they had to deliver the ultimate shoe for King James. A few factors to consider when creating the best for the best would be, technology, marketing, material and pricing.



The Nike Zoom Generation was just a stepping stone for NIKE as LeBron held his ground in the NBA proving all doubters wrong and building his name and legacy.

Years move on and Nike continues to cater to LeBron as he’s the face of Nike at that time. Prices once again began to rise for Nike and the Lebron models.

The brand still has to pay athletes while also making money from them as well as making money for the company and brand.

It wouldn’t be until the LeBron VII (7) model that NIKE would start making the consumer really pay for the Kings must have shoes. That also took resell up another notch. Sneakerheads and resellers saw that there was a need for this model and future colorways.

All the way from the Nike LeBron VII(7) to the Nike LeBron XIV(14) the shoe would suffer major retail pricing and major resell pricing, retail prices seen  as high as $300 on the LeBron X(10) model. As the demand was being met by NIKE the consumer didn’t really care for those prices at all.

Finally the consumers opinion matters to major retailers such as Footlocker, said in a conference call that they were having trouble selling the Nike LeBron and KD models because of the high prices. This was a problem that Footlocker noticed and addressed the challenge with NIKE.

The LeBron 14 model would be the first to see a price decrease starting at $175 then moving onto the KD model dropping from $180 to $150.



Now that NIKE has accommodated the consumer and are slowly moving units everyone’s happy right? Well not exactly units are still being over produced and not being sold out.

For the consumer, this is good that mega sneaker brands can never make the consumer happy no matter how hard they try. This is where lucky you, the consumer and “Sneakerhead” or “Sneaker Enthusiast” comes in.

With going through high prices and low quantities, now NIKE has made sure you don’t have that problem. Nike and Adidas have addressed this issue by over producing select models, such as the KD model, the Kyrie Irving model and LeBron.

Adidas has done this with their Ultra Boost model, and NMD model, Jordan Brand has followed suite as well.

All Three brands have given what the consumer wants which is more quantities for affordable prices, killing out or trying to kill out resell. As exclusive models still gives resellers life and hopes.

I would never thought I would see the day where I would walk into a shoe store and see all types of models, brands and shoes still sitting on the shelves. I’ve also reached out to major colleagues in major areas such as London and they’ve told me that major models that sell out here in the U.S. are still sitting in retail shoe stores there as well.

Let’s into being a “Sneakerhead” on a budget. The average consumer works over 40 hours a week or goes to school in that same amount of time, and that’s not including extracurricular activities and so on.

Also factoring in bills that need to be paid or your job just doesn’t give you that many hours because you are in school or you have a family or you depend on your parents to buy you shoes.



This is where my subject matter comes into play on How To Become A Sneakerhead On A Budget, if you use this method I’m sure it will work and you can thank SneakerMiyagi later.

If you don’t know retailers such as Footlocker, Footaction, and Finishline offers programs such as VIP which in detail offers you a $10 welcome coupon, birthday discounts and special perks throughout the year.


When you spend over $300 a year Footlocker will upgrade you free of charge to the platinum status and the perk of that is when you spend between $100-$200 in a single purchase they reward you with a $10-$20 reward coupon to come back and spend more.

So let’s say you go into your local footlocker and you sign up for the VIP program they offer you’ve earned $10 just by signing up, then you buy two shoes that are on sale averaging $200, your just a few bucks away from being at your platinum status.

The next shoe you really must have is a major release which you have saved money for so you know the shoes are around $200 you’ve just entered into platinum status, congratulations my friend.

ATTENTION, you are now or on your way to becoming a “Sneakerhead” on a budget, lets say you buy major releases every once and awhile OK that’s even better saving you money.

As I’ve already showed you use the VIP programs to your advantage, so we have explored NIKE, ADIDAS, and Jordan Brand mass producing and not moving units then giving major discounts on the shoes to still make a profit on the shoe which they haven’t really paid anything for.

The shoes that your sure will sit on shelves which this info we will also discuss in upcoming articles, let those shoes sit until they go on sale meanwhile you have accrued $10-$20 in VIP dollars or coupons which ever they will give you. now once you wait until that shoe goes on sale to further the discount you apply the VIP credit still gaining points towards you VIP card buying on average two shoes for the price of one sometimes and building your collection.

All while on a budget, but this will only work if your not influenced by the masses and you like what you like. Name brand is still name brand. Adding paying a visit to the local Adidas and Nike Outlets will help as well. And that readers is how to become a “Sneakerhead” on a budget.


If you have the patients to wait it out, I say do that as anytime you go into your local shoe retailer shoes are still sitting. Also, I suggest signing up for email programs and following sneaker pages on social media such as @Sneakersteal on Instagram. Also their is an awesome page on twitter called @Swooshalerts for discounts and @AlertsSneaker for restocks NIKE every few months will have a 20% off on there already clearance products which takes the price even lower. This is your guide to becoming a “Sneakerhead” on a budget good luck in this journey.

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