Check Out The Interesting Adidas NMD City Sock Gore-Tex


The Adidas NMD CS1 Gore-Tex is an Adidas NMD CS1 featuring a more weatherised PrimeKnit upper fit for the late fall/winter season in order to offer more warmth. There were many complaints about the Adidas NMD CS1 not being warm enough to wear in the winter, so Adidas being the brilliant brand it is decided to keep its customers warm this winter with the Adidas NMD CS1 Gore-Tex.

There is no specific information stating this exact pair will release but according rumours the Adidas NMD CS1 Gore-Tex is set to release this November ready for the cold winter ahead. Stay tuned for official news regarding the release dates and RRP’s of upcoming Adidas NMD CS1 Gore-Tex’s

Adidas NMD CS1 Gore-Tex

Images: @godlvl_

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