What Does The JORDAN BRAND Need To Do Now That Adidas is Taking Over


Adidas Boost Technology. 

Do you know much about the Adidas Boost Technology? Well I’m going to give everyone a bit of history and knowledge on it!

Back in February of 2012 Adidas hosted a global event in NYC where they announced the new and innovative technology that they were going to incorporate into their sneakers, the first sneaker they introduced it into was Adidas Energy Boost. This technology consisted of fusing together many TPU particles for a bouncier, more temperature resistant ride.

As you can see, Boost Technology was around for a while but in 2014 it was ready for hoop sneakers, to be exact, the Adidas CrazyLight Boost’s and the DRose 5’s. These two sneakers were both equipped with Boost cushioning in the heel.

In 2015 a new model came about with a full-length Boost midsole, arguably the biggest Adidas sneaker right now, the Adidas Ultra Boost. This is the sneaker that took the community by storm.

While Boost was getting busy on the running and the basketball scene, it was also making moves in the lifestyle realm. Through technically a running shoe, the Adidas Pure Boost. In mid 2015 we got the legendary Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost “Turtle Dove” that retailed for $200 and currently have a resell value of $2135 according to StockX.

From there onwards Boost Technology has been nothing but a success.

The are four Boost models that are EXTREMELY successful:

Adidas Ultra Boost

This is the sneaker that took the community by storm and in 2017 is still the most desired Adidas Boost model.

The original Adidas Ultra Boost‘s released the in March of 2015 and they retailed for $180, they currently have a resell value of $231 according to StockX.

This Ultra Boost featured an all white Boost midosole and a black PrimeKnit upper with hints of purple on the heel.

This is the sneaker that gave birth to the Adidas hype, since this sneaker we have seen endless colour ways and a good amount of collaborations. My personal top 5 Ultra Boost‘s are the:

  • Adidas Ultra Boost Mid X Ronnie Fieg
  • Adidas Ultra Boost 1.0 “Light Tan Cream”
  • Adidas Ultra Boost X SNS X Social Status
  • Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 “Burgundy”
  • Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 “Oreo”

Adidas Pure Boost Adidas Pure Boost 1.0 "Black"

The Adidas Pure Boost proved to have the best casual crossover of any Boost model to that time. Much of its popularity came from its extreme comfort and they were also frequently seen on Mr. West.

The Pure Boost‘s don’t have any collaborations or any resell value but they are an extremely comfortable sneaker and loved by many. If you want a good Boost sneaker for an affordable price, these are a good option, they current Pure Boost’s retail for $140.

Adidas NMD R1 Boost

Nobody expected these to be such a success, the Adidas NMD R1 Boost OG originally released the 12th of December, 2015, for a retail price of $170. These sneakers feature a full-length boost midsole with a black PrimeKnit upper.

This is personally my favorite Adidas Boost sneaker and in my eyes they have had the some of the best colourways such as; OG Black, OG White, Gum Sole White, etc.

Most of the best collaborations on Boost sneakers so far, such as; Pharrell X Adidas NMD “Hu Race”, BAPE X Adidas NMD, Nice Kicks X Adidas NMD, etc.

They’re just to name very few of the Adidas NMD colourways and collaborations that I personally love. 

Adidas EQT 93/17 Adidas EQT 93/17 Boost

This is a very recent model but I have seen many influencers and sneakerheads saying that they’re the best Boost sneaker to this date; they feature an EQT Support upper with a very thick Boost midsole, and this is what has made them such as success.

So far we have only seen two of these models released, a black pair and a white pair, but apparently there are many more to come.

The OG Black pair released the 26th of January, 2017, for a retail price of $180. They currently have an average resell value of $254 according to StockX.

Why is Boost doing so well?

Boost is taking over and when it comes hype, it is mainly surrounding Boost sneakers, to be exact; the Ultra Boost’s, NMD’s and Yeezy’s. Jordan Brand is losing their power and Nike is not even in the game anymore. Some wonder why Adidas is being so successful with their Boost sneakers, here are the reasons why!

 Constant colourways

On the NMD’s, Ultra Boost’s, EQT 93/17’s, Pure Boost’s and Yeezy’s we’re constantly getting brand new colourways, colourways that are in fashion and are demanded by the community.

This allows the community to access loads of colourways that they want and it allows Adidas to move a lot of stock across the world.

A colourway that is in fashion currently is the “Oreo/Zebra” colourway that we have recently seen featured on the Ultra Boost’s, EQT ADV Supports, Yeezy’s and Pure Boost.

Even though the EQT ADV Support are a non-boost sneaker, they’ve still been extremely successful because they added the zebra colourway to them.

Quality for Money 

With Adidas we know what we’re getting, they don’t provide us with cheap materials and they don’t provide us with poor quality over all. When purchasing any boost sneaker you know that they’re going to be extremely comfortable and that they’ll most likely end up being your day-to-day sneaker.

Style Influenced by “Influencers”

Currently in this day and age, the community as a whole looks up to celebrities such as athletes and artists to see what they’re wearing in order to purchase the exact same sneakers, we could call them sneaker role models.

There are many celebrities that wear Boost sneakers a lot and are constantly in the media, such as: Kanye West, Desiigner, Migos, Pharell, JBalvin… There are many more that wear Boost sneakers and influence the community to purchase them.

Adidas is all about the community and the culture, this is one of the main reasons why they’re so successful, whatever the consumer wants, they’ll provide. There are also many public figures on Instagram and other platforms that influence the community to purchase Boost sneakers, such as: @VivianFrank, @EdizInsta, @QiasOmar… By every single major influencer wearing Boost sneakers they’re advertising for Adidas and making their sneakers highly desirable, a very good marketing scheme might I say.


 This is what I love the most about Adidas, they’re constantly doing collaborations, some of them more significant than others but they all seem to be very nice and highly desirable.

When doing a collaboration, you’re targeting more than your average market as you are also acquiring the fans of that brand/company or person you’re teaming up with.

So far, we haven’t seen an Adidas collaboration that hasn’t been highly desirable and hasn’t sold out, all of which have a very solid resell value.

Down below I am going to state my personal top 5 Adidas collaborations so far and what they go for on the secondary market:

  • Adidas NMD X BAPE “Olive Camo”: Retail: $150. Resell AVG: $1264.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost MID X Ronnie Fieg: Retail: $220. Resell AVG: $529.
  • Adidas NMD X Pharrell “Hu Human Race”: Retail: $240. Resell AVG: $787.
  • Adidas NMD X Nice Kicks: Retail: $170. Resell AVG $859.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost X Social Status X SNS: Retail: $200. Resell AVG: $412.

Jordan Brand

Air Jordan I-XXIII When it comes to models and history, Adidas have nothing on Jordan Brand. Jordan’s do not only look good, every single one has a story behind them and if you’re a big Jordan fan you’ll recognize that the story of a sneaker is as significant as the looks. Jordan Brand has lost its power and Adidas has took over, but they can get this power back!

 What does JB need to do?

Jordan Brand are a part of Nike so they often follow their footsteps, which is a HUGE mistake in my eyes, simply because Nike is all about the athletes and that’s not the route that the community is following anymore; the community does not look up to athletes like they look up to rappers and singers, before it was the opposite way around but it is no longer like that, hence the reason why Adidas is doing extremely well right now and is dominating.

Since having the idea of doing this article I have realized that Jordan Brand is actually starting to follow Adidas’ footsteps which I’m extremely happy about. They are listening to the community and they’re reaching out to more people/brands/companies for collaborations, something I’ll discuss shortly. Let’s get into what I think Jordan Brand needs to do in order to regain its position!

Retro demanded colourways 

This is arguably the biggest thing that Jordan Brand needs to focus on doing. They need to listen to the community and what models they want to see retro’d. That’s because if they do, the attention will be on Jordan Brand and not on Adidas.

Jordan Brand is currently creating new colourways that are just sitting on shelves and reaching outlets because the community doesn’t want them, they want certain colourways and certain models, they need to listen to what the community wants.

There are three sneakers that I can name right now that the community is going crazy for and want them to retro now:

Air Jordan 3 “Mocha”, Air Jordan 4 “Bred” and the Air Jordan 5 “Raging Bull” (Red). If those three sneakers were announced I can guarantee that a lot of sneakerheads would avoid buying Boost sneakers in order to have the money to purchase those three sneakers.

They need to listen to the community and they need to retro demanded colourway and models, without going overboard.

 Better quality & Less quantity

This is an extremely important topic because in order to create hype you need two things; quality and limited quantities.

The community and the younger generation are currently driven by hype, so to acquire hype that’s exactly what they need to do. Everybody wants what they can’t have and that’s just a natural thing.

By Jordan Brand producing less quantities their sneakers would not sit and they would become more desirable, so even when they dropped ugly sneakers they’d sell out just because of the hype they’ve built.

You could argue that Jordan Brand is not interested in after market value because it doesn’t benefit them but that’s where you’re wrong.

With Jordan Brand producing limited quantities they will build hype and then slowly slowly they’ll be able to produce more without anybody even realizing.

Look at what Adidas has done with the Ultra Boost they always sell out online, they’re no longer rare and they’re easy to find for retail in stores.

There is no online thanks to the hype they’ve created. Jordan Brand has almost every model they’re producing sitting on shelves so they need to back track and follow Adidas’ footsteps.

If they did, Jordan Brand would dominate due to the nostalgia and the history behind them, they’re classics and Adidas has nothing on Jordan models, they’re just better as brand at this moment in time.

Now let’s talk a bit about Jordan Brand improving the quality on their sneakers. Quality is something that the community as a whole has been complaining about as they’re making u pay ridiculous retail prices for cheaply made sneakers, another reason why most Jordan’s are sitting on shelves in outlets.

The majority of people work extremely hard for their money and the least they expect is to get good quality, something they aren’t getting, and the reason why they’re not buying them.

Just as an example I am going to compare my Maroon Air Jordan 6’s that released in late 2015 to the Black Cat Air Jordan 6’s and Alternate Air Jordan 6. 

That released late last year, the quality difference between those sneakers was beyond insane. The Black Cat’s and the Alternate’s were shocking and that’s why they sat and you can find them sitting in outlets now, the quality was awful.

Jordan Brand needs to stop cheating us and making us buy a sneaker for the history and nostalgia, I’m not falling for it anymore and neither are a considerable amount of people, a lot of those are buying Boost sneakers and just wearing their old J’s.

Quality over Quantity Jordan Brand… I’m a huge Jordan fan but I won’t give my well earned money to them if they don’t offer good quality in return.

 Variety of collaborations Air Jordan 4 X KAWS

Collaborations create hype, just what Jordan Brand needs right now to draw more attention to their brand. Every year we see the typical Don C and Drake collaborations but it’s not enough, they need more!

Look at some of the Adidas collaborations I mentioned and look how much hype and chaos they created, the BAPE NMD collaboration had a line of more than 2000 people in Japan, this is what Jordan Brand needs!

There is news of an upcoming DJ Khaled collaboration and we have received the KAWS X Air Jordan 4 collaboration, they need to stay on the same track and bring more collaborations to the table with big names, especially hyped brands and major rappers/celebrities.

They need to make them available though, they can’t make 500 pairs and give most of them to F&F, they need to be limited just like the Drake OVO 10‘s and 12‘s.


Jordan Brand is on the right track and I believe that if they start to do those things I mentioned above, they’ll regain their position and they will dominate over Adidas, until they do so I really doubt they’ll regain their position for years as I’ve heard what Adidas has coming and trust me, they have no intention of slowing down.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Let us know down below!

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