Adidas ADO Ultra Boost ZG "Clear Brown"


Does the Adidas ADO Ultra Boost ZG sound familiar? In the collaboration Adidas released late last year with the Japanese brand Kolor there was an Adidas Ultra Boost and a brand new model which they named the Adidas ADO Ultra Boost ZG. The sneaker featured many different features and was covered in polka-dots with other details in very bright colours. They didn’t take off in the community and currently have an average resell value lower than the recommended retail price according to StockX. It is a very smart way of unveiling a brand new model as it creates hype, but in this case it didn’t work for Adidas. After changing the colour way and a few other details on new Ultra Boost we will receive the Adidas ADO Ultra Boost ZG “Clear Brown” very soon.

As you can see from the image, we will see beige/cream, white and black across the upper of the sneaker. The main features we can see are different are; the rear plastic “cage” which happens to be bigger and features no writing, we can also see an elastic strap which goes from the cage to the lace loops which offers more support and lockdown, the lace loops along with the laces have also changed, we can now see Yeezy-like laces which really complement the overall look of the sneaker, finally we can see that the lining is different along with the heel and tongue which features a rough nubuck material.

These Adidas ADO Ultra Boost ZG “Clear Brown” is set to release the 11th of May for a recommended retail price of $180.

Are you excited for these? How do you feel about this Ultra Boost model? Let us know down below in the comments.

Adidas ADO Ultra Boost ZG “Clear Brown”


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