About Us



My Approach

We started a community to educate the collectors, enthusiast and resellers on the evolving business and news of the sneaker industry. My goal is to build a community that not only share, but supports the core values of this culture.

My Story

Every business has a beginning, mine started with a dream to be one of the biggest resellers the game has ever seen. It took 2 years of networking, getting the know the business and enduring the trials of a business owner to come across a great idea. This idea was to not only help, but transition the collector, enthusiast or reseller from point a novice to a expert in the sneaker culture and business.

I want to give the gift of knowledge and value to the consumer to help them make smart purchases and investments into the new releases. Also guide them to properly negotiate, research, and build relationships with sources and individuals who can be an asset to your goals. Building a business is tough, so we want to help you by giving you the know how and go to.


Next Steps…

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