This 17 Year Old "Hypebeast" was Robbed At Gunpoint During a Supreme LA Release



    Supreme Hypebeast and Instagram flexer @Brandonhypebeast was enjoying the thrill of camping out for the latest Supreme on 4/20/17. After picking up a Red Satin hat, Money Shooter Gun, 2 Shirts and a Striped work shirt he and his girlfriend headed straight to the car to pack up for the ride home.

While packing up, an individual flashed a pistol in his face demanding the merchandise he just purchased from Supreme LA. Of course, like any individual would do, he handed over the merchandise, it was then he wondered should places like Supreme should add security.

Knowing that popular drops like this can cause pandemonium among the campers, Supreme should take measures to protect the customers that come and shop with them. Make sure everything is in order and everyone gets a fair chance at grabbing merch. There should be added security no doubt, especially since we’ve shown you the Comme Des Garcons x Supreme signup video out of New York.

Last story we heard like this was the LeBron release in ATL, where a gentleman tried to rob everyone in the line at gunpoint before being shot a killed by a person in line. That was 2013 and it was over a $180 pair of LeBron X denim that he risked his life over. If you want to read about that story, here is the link

What type of protection should we demand from stores that we do business with? After all, we ultimately make the rules believe it or not. The more we hype, the more we fight, the more profit they make. We also should take a stand with OGs of this industry to help show the younger generation how to do this right. Cut out all the BS fighting and robbing and lets get back to enjoying what we love, the merch. Nevertheless, since we are doing all the hyping, shouldn’t  we ask for the protection too?

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